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We pack your fine art with the utmost care and ship it to you as soon as possible. Some art is delivered for FREE, if it’s within Texas and the surrounding states.

For heavier art pieces, such as concrete artwork and large canvas paintings, some Terms and Conditions apply. Please call us for details at (817) 913-1999.


Artwork is packaged, insured, and delivered by UPS. Lamberto Fine Art covers the cost of the packing, insurance, and shipping for most art pieces, with the exception of concrete pieces and especially heavy or large items. This is specified on the price section of each art piece.


For small and medium art pieces, allow 5 – 7 days after payment clears.

For larger and heavier art pieces, allow 10 – 15 days after payment clears.

Please Note: This is only a general guideline for our processing times. See the product details of your art piece for information on how soon a specific item is expected to ship. Processing begins only when successful payment has been applied to the order. Denied credit card authorizations and mailed payments will delay processing start times.

Average transit times are based on orders shipping to addresses in the Continental United States.


Most orders are shipped by ground UPS, unless client prefers another method and company. Terms and Conditions apply. Please call us for details at (817) 913-1999.


You can quickly check the status of a current order if you have supplied an email address. As soon as your art ships, we’ll send you a confirmation email that includes a tracking number. Tracking is not provided for international standard shipments.