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Testimonials of Lamberto Alvarez's Work

From his newspaper days to his current independant status, these are just some of the things people who he has worked for and with have had to say about his work ethic, character and talent. Some contact information has been provided so you can follow up on your own, if you would like to.

Lamberto Alvarez Self Portrait

Buzz Burnett

If I were to sum up in one word our experience with working with Lamberto, that word would be "contagious." Once in a great while we meet a person in our professional life whose entire personality and dealings make that experience so indelibly compelling … so absolutely memorable that we keep going back for more. That is Lamberto Alvarez.

Yes, Shining Star Heros is an inspirational publication. But it pales compared to the man whose mind devined it. To a business person like me, Lamberto is also a "shining hero."

Buzz Burnett,
Owner of Drexel Heritage Furniture in Southlake
Played keyboard with The Eagles

Renzo Devia

"My name is Renzo Devia, I'm the producer of American Latino TV (www.AmericanLatino.tv) I saw Lamberto Alvarez's site a while back and loved his work. I like it so much that I decided to cover him in our show. He's a very diverse artist that works on different formats. From music to painting and even photography Lamberto Alvarez captures the true essence of being an American Latino. I love the colors and themes of his art and hope to work with him one day."

Renzo Devia
President / Supervising Producer, Maximås Productions
A Division of The AIM Tell-A-Vision Group
201 East 16th Street. 5th Floor, New York, NY 10003
Direct 212.255.2023
Fax 212 255.9232

Joe Petersen

"I have never known an artist to use such a wide variety of media and unique styles to express his talent. But even more impressive is that Lamberto can best be characterized as a "creative angel". His art is nothing short of amazing and I am even more impressed by his heart. He has jumped at every opportunity to make a contribution to our community. His creative gifts and personal generosity are inspiring"

Joe Petersen
Insight Builders Group
P.O. Box 2587, Keller, Texas 76244
Phone: (817) 602-7035
Email: jpetersen@insightbg.net

Gilbert Bailon

"Lamberto Alvarez's work captures the flare, passion and colors that represent the essence of Latino images and art. His frequent contributions to Al Día embrace that spirit of creativity and originality that appeals to our Spanish-speaking readers. He understands the culture and language that underpin what it means to be Latino, which is essential to reach our market."

Gilbert Bailon
Al Día publisher and editor

Ed Kohorst

"I first met Lamberto in 1989 when I hired him as an editorial artist for The Dallas Morning News. At that time, he was already an accomplished talent…what I find so amazing is that he has continued to grow that talent and to expand his range of creativity and artistic expression. Lamberto’s continuing growth paired with his passion for the arts, delivers work that lives extremely well in either the commercial or fine art world."

Ed Kohorst
USE, Inc.
Fax 972-692-7155

John Morales

"Having known Lamberto since 1984, his artwork and creativity is truly nothing short of amazing! His artistic style is very electric, colorful and modern with a brilliant poignancy. Lamberto's artistic talents are ones we are sure to see much more of in the world of creative art, advertising and marketing. He is detail oriented, methodical and extremely creative in his exectution of his art projects. Lamberto is a true professional in the world of art and a pleasure to work with."

John Morales
Sr. Graphic Designer
Sony Electronics, USA

Becky Chavarria-Chairez

"As a Latino-themed children's book author, I have a short list of illustrators whose work truly renders authentic portrayals of Latinos in the Americas. Children, adults, the elderly, not to mention how he captures Hispanic contemporary life in all walks of life. A native El Pasoan, and fellow Texan, he not only observes, but absorbs the essence of his subject's acculturation, assimilation and lifestyle in the keen details. I call him my 'Mano Rockwell" of the 21st century!"

Becky Chavarria-Chairez
Children's Book Author
Owner of Chameleon Creek Press

Rob Davis

"Both personally and professionally I find Lamberto's sincerity engaging. Spend a few minutes with him and he'll make you feel like you've known each other for years, even if you just met. One look at his portfolio of work will reveal his immense talent. But it's his passion for creativity that really stands out to me. For an artist to be able to redefine himself in different mediums with work that can uniquely stand independently on it's own design merits seems rare to me, Lamberto achieves that. Knowing Lamberto continues to remind me that it's possible to be talented, successful and genuine!" June 24, 2009

Rob Davis, President , Screencast Media _was a consultant or contractor to Lamberto® at Solare Media

Kelly Goodness

"Lamberto is a gifted artist and teacher. Everyone should be lucky enough to have Lamberto ignite their imaginations through his art and/or art classes!" November 4, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Kelly Goodness _hired Lamberto® as a Art Teacher in 2007 , and hired Lamberto® more than once

Ray Blakley

"Lamberto's art has to be seen to be appreciated. I suggest visiting his site or even better his studio to fully appreciate it." July 22, 2008

Ray Blakley, Owner/Creative Director , Blakley Creative, Inc. was a consultant or contractor to
Lamberto® at Lamberto Art & Design LLC

Karen Davis

"Lamberto is an unbelievably inventive artist whose talents transcend traditional mediums. He possesses the vital balance of creativity and innovation that makes his work stand out among all others. Working with him brings out the best in everyone. His energizing, inspiring personality stirs others to try new things and open their minds to new approaches, making him an exceptional mentor and colleague. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to work with Lamberto." March 28, 2009

Karen Davis, Designer/Illustrator/Graphics Reporter/Photo Stylist , The Dallas Morning News _worked directly with Lamberto® at
The Dallas Morning News

Ana Barrera Waggoner

"I had the pleasure of working with Lamberto at The Dallas Morning News and previously at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Lamberto is not only a gifted artist -- his work won both awards and accolades from his peers -- but he was a joy to work with. A true professional." March 16, 2009

Ana Barrera Waggoner, Assistant Business Editor , The Dallas Morning News _worked with Lamberto® at
The Dallas Morning News

Marco Ruiz

"I read a commentary from an artist that said... "Life before and after Lamberto..." I think that explains it perfectly. I was lucky to have worked with Lamberto Alvarez for about six years at the Dallas Morning News and there is not enough space here to write everything about him. He is an excellent artist, a dedicated professional and a great human being. As an artist I learned more from him in one year than I did in my entire five years at the university. As a human being he is a very modest person, unselfishly willing to help anyone, with a smile. And as a professional his work speaks for itself, with all the awards and recognitions he has received over the years. I feel very fortunate to have had him as an example and to be able to call him my friend." March 14, 2009

Marco Ruiz, Designer, Illustrator , The Dallas Morning News _worked directly with Lamberto® at The Dallas Morning News

Hector Cantu

"Lamberto is a professional by all definitions of the word. He did tremendous work at The Dallas Morning News. We partnered on a few national side projects as well. In all cases, he was reliable and worked hard to achieve goals and deliver a first-class product on deadline." February 2, 2009

Hector Cantu, Assistant Features Editor , The Dallas Morning News _worked with Lamberto® at The Dallas Morning News

Michael Merschel

"Lamberto not only was a great co-worker, he was a great teacher: Much of what I have learned about graphic design and visual journalism I first learned in conversations with Lamberto, who has the ability to take a basic idea and expand it into something creative and dynamic. I'm also a client of his. After having seen his work at a co-worker's home, I commissioned him to do a portrait of my children. Working off a series of snapshots, he produced a work that, half a decade later, still makes me and my wife pause with delight regularly." January 10, 2009

Michael Merschel , Assistant Features Editor , The Dallas Morning News _worked with Lamberto® at The Dallas Morning News

Scott Simmons

"Lamberto® Art & Design Productions did an incredible job shooting and producing the video for my Southlake Kaleidoscope Show home – Casa Montecito.

"Being in the luxury homebuilding business for over 25 years, I felt I needed a “true artist” like Lamberto to create such an amazing marketing tool.

"I’m fairly confident that this marketing video helped sell my $ 2.6M home in a very tough market. Plus, my new clients get to see some cool details of my occupied show home as they frequently comment how great it is ! " March 14, 2012

Owner, Simmons Estate Homes













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