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Cheapest Phentermine Diet Pills, Where To Get Phentermine Cheap

Cheapest Phentermine Diet Pills, Where To Get Phentermine Cheap

This painting of Willie Nelson graced the cover of the Texas Almanac 2012–2013, the book my wife, Elizabeth, has edited for 12 years. When I met Willie for the first time, I was taking photographs and sensed the historic nature of the event, where Willie was opening Willie’s Place at Carl’s Corner, an entertainment business that also had a biodiesel component. Although the entertainment venue is now closed, Willie’s continued support of the biodiesel movement gave me a sense of a man who loves people and the land around him.
Signed by many celebrities including Ray Price, Billy Bob Thornton, Woody Harrelson, among many others.
Acrylic on canvas

Price: $45,000


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