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Concrete and Conventional Fine Art

Welcome to my new blog, where I'll be posting news, photos and events dealing with my fine art in several formats; canvas, concrete and assemblage. Here I will also update you on my newest venture; Lamberto's Legacy of Fame at Willlie's Place. Musical celebrities will be featured here often, from behind the scenes, and it will provide you a glimpse of my experiences at Carl's Corner, Texas. So, if you are a musical fan, builder, designer, architect, home owner or art collector, please visit as often as you can. It will be fun, I promise.

Willie Nelson's Bio-Diesel Movement

Willie Nelson, along with Carl Cornelius and other investors, have created a bio-diesel movement in Hillsborough, Texas, and truckers have found a haven in Carl's Corner. Willie was presented with a painting similar to this one signed by all his frie...

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Posted by Lamberto at 0:00 AM on 12/31/2009 | Comments (0)


Billy Joe Shaver at Willie's Place Theatre


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Billy Joe Shaver performed at Willie's Place at Carl's Corner on December 16, 2009 to an electrified sold out concert. So many legends and Nelson family performers were there that it's no wonder it was sold out. Among them were Willie Nelson, Paula N...

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Posted by Lamberto at 12:25 AM on 12/23/2009 | Comments (2)



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