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I actually began my career very early in life when a question was posed to me in grade school: "What would you like to be when you grow up?" It wasn't a hard question for a kid who constantly got scolded for doodling in his notebooks during class. Thankfully, my early art skills were recognized by an art teacher who took an interest in a scrawny kid who liked to draw. This teacher would often pull me out of other classes to work on large-scale art projects for the school, such as a tile mosaic for the gym, full-blown chalkboard illustrations for the Christmas season, and posters for the art room and school events. Encouragement from this teacher and the confidence that resulted was all it took for me to decide to study art and become an illustrator.

Years later, while looking at a college bulletin board of job postings, I saw an interesting position advertised: "Artist with some photography experience needed for local newspaper." Without even knowing what a portfolio was, I showed up for an interview with all sorts of artwork, from paintings and lithographs to pottery and even some jewelry. For some reason, which amazes me even now, I was hired immediately even though the job had already been offered to someone else. Thus began my career in illustration and publications.

Since then, I have worked at quite a few newspapers as an illustrator and illustration director. My work also has been seen worldwide in publications such as The Washington Post, The San Jose Mercury News, Harcourt Brace College Publishers, The Dallas Morning News, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Boston Globe and Arte Publico Press. I have also been fortunate enough to receive some awards for illustration, design and photography, including Print Regional Design Annual, Communication Arts, the Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles, The Society of Newspaper Design, the Headliners and The Associated Press. I was also named a contributor in a Pulitzer Prize winning series for the San Jose Mercury News entitled "The Hidden Billions," about the fall of Filipino leader Ferdinand Marcus and his wife, Imelda.


I work in several styles using an array of techniques, notably scratchboard, dry-brush painting, and, most recently, found objects that I collect from flea markets and trash cans. This body of sculptural art will be part of a special show that will be exhibited later in 2005.

Most recently I was fortunate enough to be involved in the Walt Disney Company's "75 InspEARations" campaign that celebrated Mickey Mouse's 75th anniversary. Seventy-five people from around the United States were selected to design their unique interpretation of Mickey. Unbeknownst to me, most of the other participants were celebrities, actors and musicians, such as Ben Affleck, John Travolta, Tom Hanks, Andy Garcia, Jamie Lee Curtis, Shaquille O'Neal and Sir Elton John. I call my version of Mickey Mouse "El Mickey," and he has a decidedly Tex-Mex flair. Through the magic of Mickey, "75 InspEARations" brought "El Mickey" and me a lot of attention from the media and television, radio and print and perhaps because "El Mickey" has both Latino and Texan appeal, or maybe because my participation in the campaign begged the question: "How in the heck did this guy end up in such good company?" Whatever the reason, I feel very lucky to have been a part of such a monumental celebration; Mickey Mouse probably will not celebrate another big anniversary for another 25 years.

Until then, I'll keep producing art, playing music and, in the process, re-inventing myself as often as possible.


I work and live in Southlake, Texas. The majority of my clients are located in or around the North Texas or Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) area. Although my work has been distributed all over the World. I can work anywhere on the globe just contact me here for details.


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